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About John Renton Architects

John Renton Architects - JRA
was established by John Renton in 1997, as an architectural
design practice committed to the design of contemporary buildings, building components,
furniture and property development, with regard to the latter adding value co-ordinated with
design. An initial development feasibility plan can create a "business platform" to consider
how the value can be improved prior to the final design stage.

The portfolio of work illustrates projects carried out by John Renton with JRA and Renton
Welch Partnership. JRA have recently worked directly with Ove Arup and Partners on
prototyping, office space planning, media video conferencing, as well as conceptual
master-planning for their new Fitzrovia offices.

Principal : John Renton RIBA RIAS Dip Arch poly

John Renton is the principal in John Renton Associates, and has a wide range of
experience in master-planning, development, as well as designing individual buildings.
John Renton has worked on projects in United Kingdom, Middle East and West Indies.